Action 360 is a sports app that provides it’s users with all the most current sports scores available while monetizing and connecting its users with the advertisers that pay to be a part of the system.

The app will show ads to the customer base in a way that is not too obtrusive but allows the marketers to get the exposure they need.

Eugene Bones loved to play but had the misfortune of passing away.

He refused to ly still in the earth way down deep.

So he pushed and he fought and got back on his feet.

Eugene Bones is the story of a boy who refused to stay dead. And the adventures he gets into. It’s a children’s book I started some time ago and need to finish. I imagine it’ll end up self-published.

BRE Automotive Kitchener, ON

BRE Automotive is an auto mechanic shop on Alpine Drive in Kitchener Ontario. Rob the owner has a son (Ben) who is a skateboarder. A really good one at that. Ben was competing at the time and Rob asked me to do up some cool shirts that they could wear there to show his support for his son. His shop was Ben’s sponsor on the road.

If you do go into the shop there is a great photo of Ben getting some wicked hang time on the wall behind the counter.

BRE Automotive Kitchener, ON

Till All Are One is an illustration that I made especially for my visit with Peter Cullen voice of Optimus Prime.

I had decided after the illustration was started that it would be a gift for my son. One that he could not have until he bought a house. So when Peter autographed it he made it out to my son. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun illustrating it.

Buchanan Building Systems

I was approached by this client to create a logo design that was more corporate clean than cliche construction company. I created several designs that eventually moved towards this design. The raised orthographic B looks like a building itself. The client loved how this was a clean design with more going on than a first glance might reveal.