Client: A gift for my wife.

Date: 04 . 14 . 2017

Media: Procreate, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil

Description: It is not uncommon for my wife to see me working away on a piece of art. So she didn’t think anything of it when I was diligently working away on this 12 x 36″ illustration that would be her Birthday gift. I work primarily at my computer so as far as she was concerned it was another night in front of the screen.

She has filled our home with faeries. Lots n lots of faeries. But I don’t mind that being raised on D&D and fantasy books. I always wanted to do a faerie that had dragonfly wings. I imagine that she’d be waaaay faster than those slow dainty butterfly wing faeries. She’d rip through the woods chasing hummingbirds. This illustration was trying to capture that brief moment before she tore off again. Where you get just a moment, the briefest of seconds to witness her.

drawing exercise, woman sitting on couch with flowing gown and raven.