Client: Self-directed

Date: 06 . 17 . 2015

Media: Photoshop

Description: It was Father’s day at the time and I wanted to do something special for my pop. At the time we had been discussing his Dad and his role in WWII. My grandfather was a mid upper gunner on the lancaster bomber for the RAF in England. So I created this illustration showing the bombers leaving England at dusk as the bombing raids were often done in the cover of darkness. The call letters on the sides of the plane are my fathers and his sons.

I later submitted the print file to the Hamilton Warplane Heritage Museum. They told me they’d be happy to get the illustration and offer it to the public. All the proceeds would then go to keeping a Lancaster functioning. Which I thought was poetic as the plane kept my Grandfather safe so perhaps this image could return the favour to plane. Unfortunately it’s years later and the Museum still hasn’t printed any copies of it for consumption for the public. I’ve tried to contact them but no one ever gets back to me.

drawing exercise, woman sitting on couch with flowing gown and raven.