Client: Self-directed

Date: 06 . 27 . 2015

Media: Procreate, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil

Description: The world had turned their focus to gay married in 2015. The supreme court had just voted that it must be allowed. And love won. Being an open minded soul, I was confused at why this needed to happen at all? it was curious that people were so against love? In a comical way the straight men would have a better chance to find a woman if many of the men stepped out of the race. It seemed like a no brainer. But people have their hangups. I am also a big Seuss fan, and had read that Seuss was a rather open minded fella like myself. So in an effort to do him right and support a cause I believed in even as someone who wasn’t homosexual, I created this. I took it as far as I could and then let a writer friend of mine (Thanks Alissa Robson) fix some grammar issues I created. A little while later ta’dah! Enjoy.

drawing exercise, woman sitting on couch with flowing gown and raven.