Yeah, I'm sketchy... what of it?

Mark Wilhelm

Owner, Operator, UI/UX/Web Designer, and Illustrator

“Vaquishing banality with sharp imagination” – Mark Wilhelm

I draw from over 17 years of artistic experience.

I believe in solutions that help people with intuitive interaction experiences. I am passionate about branding and creating a presence that people will trust. I stand behind my products and know that I can offer you a creative solution for any artistic needs.

I have worked with clients like TD, Mansfield Inc, McNeil, Wellington County, New Hamburg Family Resource Centre, Moxymedia, and Tsavo Media.


Timely Support

I stand behind all my work. And the services I provide. Working with you I draw out your vision and use my experience to see it to fruition.

Innovative Ideas

Thinking differently is what I do. Need a different perspective on an idea? Lets start a conversation and see what we can dream up.

User Experience

Designing for strategic results. Designing for marketing personas and creating complete campaigns are my passion.


Clear Communication

Definitive lines of communication lead to fruitful partnerships. Sharing your vision will lead us both to success


What is your time worth?
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